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About WearMax

WearMax Ceramic Technology

What floor finish looks good for a long time? A floor finish you do not walk on. Our Patented WearMax technology provides a floor finish that will look good for a long time. How does WearMax achieve that? WearMax technology is a coating system that prevents you from walking on the floor finish.

All WearMax Ceramic finishes are designed to contain large amounts of ceramic particles. WearMax technology allows these particles to protrude through the final surface. These ceramic particles are what you walk on - not the floor finish! View our video for more information by clicking here. The Ceramic particles used in all WearMax Ceramic finishes are considered the second hardest material known to man. There is only one substance that is harder - the natural diamond! The ceramics used in WearMax are even harder than industrial diamonds and stainless steel! WearMax Technology provides superior wear resistance, superior scratch resistance and excellent slip resistance as well.