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Trustor Company

Benefits of the WearMax UV Coating System

  1. Superior abrasion resistance
    • Starts at 1600 rev. up to 3500 rev. tested with S42 sandpaper and 500 gr./wheel

  2. Superior scratch resistance
    • 180 grit sandpaper will not scratch the finish

  3. Excellent adhesion on all wood species.

  4. Complete program:
    • Waterborne/UV Stains
    • UV Putty
    • UV Ceramic Sealer
    • UV Sanding Sealer
    • UV Top Coats (Gloss Value from 10 to 70)

  5. WearMax cures crystal clear, with no cloudy appearance.

  6. Superior stain resistance
    • Resists all household stains including fingernail polish.

  7. Cures fast
    • A line speed of up to 360 feet/min. is possible

  8. Excellent hardness in combination with excellent flexibility makes the WearMax UV System extremely durable.

  9. Levels perfectly for a smooth finish.

  10. Excellent economy

  11. Unique technical support offered.

  12. Warranty program is available for Trustor's Factory-Applied products upon request.

  13. Wide range of gloss values available (10-70 sheen).

  14. All Trustor products have been in industrial use for years, providing consistent, reliable results.

  15. WearMax products can also be applied on various porous or non-porous substrates like Linoleum, PVC, VCT, Rubber and Cork.